Issue 2 : Jan – Feb 2015

My poem here

The Woman Inc Poetry Project

Editor’s Note

For this issue, we decided to go with a theme which was introduced to our Facebook group. Letters to My Younger Self seemed a good retrospective note to end the year with. Very pleased to share some of the entries that came about. Read on.

If I could speak to you again

If I could speak to you again,
my dear self of yesteryears,

I’d sit cross legged on the floor
and sweep the hair out of your eyes
hold still within your gaze
those dreams that like water rain
from the dark clouds of your pain.

I’d teach you the simplicity
of sparrows and roadside pebbles.
and tell you that it’s ok to ebb away like a river into the sea
Enough just to be
and keep the ground steady, beneath your tired feet.

I’d tell you about the silence of forests solid with trees and skies.

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