Found Poetry

I have registered with http://www.foundpoetryreview.com for this month of April, celebrated as the National Poetry Month. Here’s my poem in response to the first prompt given by Patrick Williams’ prompt generator (www.patrickwilliamsintext.com/prompt/) It asked me to write a texture poem using words from the given two pages.

Old Fabric

Between the forefinger and thumb
lie the creases of an appeal.

A parchment
collaged with wrinkled post-its, paper chits,
yellow square one-D windows
of years gone by.

The chintz sofa of a shared life is worn
Its Persian rug threadbare –
it slips from under our feet
The vases that held woodlands of togetherness are barren

Pulsating reds reduced to pastel peaches
Turquoise nights to the navy of a nun’s habit.
Velvet down to gingham
Such is the fate of old fabric…

Emerald stalks turn to pale straw
and words trickle down to a sewn silence.

Even so, let’s coexist…without contempt
Why let an eroded tapestry trip us
in this evening-shaded garret of life?
Companionship is enough.

The Sienna sunset chooses to go down gently with the sky
unfurling a star-studded canvas marked with board-pins of joys.



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