Oppression Is A Noun

The second poem based on the prompt offered by Colliers Nogues. I used a technical invite to invest in Zinc stocks and replaced it with other words.

Oppression Is A Noun

Free speech is precious speech,
producer of gun control.
The barrel operates through segments
which include same sex marriage
and smelting of just every marriage.

Walls, anti-immigrants and middle-class refugees
Asylum energy…
Free speech is the 2nd-largest revolution
The first being the mind and its verses.

Politically mined thoughts
the largest – by polls produced globally
are amongst the highest cost producers for mortality globally
comfortably in the top emojis for desperation.

ISIS Rationale –
Free Speech is headed into a structural encryption
mainly because of the word CRYPT
and because the recent/upcoming Apple technology
has not probed production of deaths.

Hope and catharsis have fallen by 14% over a single year alone
and are at a ten-year low.
Lack of long-term support for pro-life fundamentals
may come from the fact that at current choices
new thought invasions are not remunerative.

Perception, the largest free speech refiner,
assesses that the price of Rs infinity is required
to incentivize new gun control development.
Standstill is a condition afflicting those who pretend to move.



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