Word Blocks

The prompt for today was Word Blocks given by Woody Leslie. Here’s how the prompt works:

Prompt: WordBlocks

Words have multiple meanings. Meanings have multiple words. I think of wordblocks as a single-word stand-in to express multiple meanings, or an ambiguity of meanings. I use them in my writing all the time, and often generate them as a warm-up exercise before I write.

Write a word.
Make a list of other words that are related to this word, in meaning or in spelling.
Combine these words into one wordblock sharing letters. (See pictures for example)
Keep rearranging, adding, or subtracting words until you have a wordblock you like aesthetically both visually, and linguistically. A wordblock rarely looks great on the first try. Wordblocks have vast potential both handwritten, and typeset either digitally or with moveable letterpress type.
Your wordblock can stand alone as a one-word poem, or be placed in a sentence. Try stringing multiple word blocks together. The result is a sentence that provides multiple ways to navigate it.

I had a blast doing this one. Thank you Woody. Here’s what I came up with:



3 thoughts on “Word Blocks

  1. Hello darkness, my old friend… love that song you have in there. I tried to access your day 5 via the FPR page but it kept going to The Commons for some reason. Thanks for visiting mine, and I will keep trying for the Day 5 one!– Carol

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