Splintered Inertia

Prompt 5 at FPR, given by Sarah Blake went like this :

Pick a song that you find dynamic. Track its moves. Try to replicate that movement with a poem. Replicate the song’s music in your poem. Not the lyrics, but the music.

Hmmm….the tune, mind you, not the lyrics. So basically poetry from the intangible experience of listening to a song! Tough. 🙂

I chose the song Hotel California by the Eagles.

Here’s what I came up with.

Breeze like a guitar riff
saffrons the ears
shoulders, fingertips
The rasp of sand against night air
something alight in the eyes.
The earth lifts
tweezing tremors from veins.
This is another world –
ripping out Newton’s first law
tugging me down a tunnel
Stirrups of velvety strings on the soul
Rein less chariots
and the breeze like a guitar riff
capturing all who choose to sink.



2 thoughts on “Splintered Inertia

    • So glad you could make it here Carol and a big thanks for trying repeatedly. This a a baffling prompt and I played along faithfully! I look forward to your song poem…done in under four weeks, I’m pretty sure! 🙂

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