Noah Eli Gordon’s prompts for today were a buffet of mesmerizing prompts. Ten in all. I was spoilt for choice. I intend to work on all his suggestions but for the time being, I’ve chosen prompt no 5 for today’s Prompt#6

This is what he asked us to do:

Write a sonnet in the modern key:

Line 1: narrate action, include at least two nouns
Line 2: ask a question without using “I”
Line 3: make a statement without saying “I”
Line 4: now say “I” in another statement
Line 5: use a fragment
Line 6: narrate another action, include one of the nouns from line 1
Line 7: ask a question using “I”
Line 8: use a fragment that
Line 9: spills into the next line
Line 10: now say “I” and include the other noun from line 1
Line 11: answer your first question
Line 12: make a statement that is in total opposition to line 3
Line 13: combine phrases from lines 5 and 8 here
Line 14: answer your second question

I don’t know how far I’ve maintained the structure of a sonnet, but this is what I came up with :


Yesterday the wind looked for you in sunspots and twilight
Were you there?
Embedded in the coterie of drunken emotions
I fetched the eastern-end apsis
captured your fleeting figure
found you in twilight’s aisles
Did I see an illusion?
Strapping my eyes
like a latitude of yearning
I found you splayed inside sunspots like stain-glass light
In the basilica of my heart, that’s where you were
Stenciled in pure awakening
Your figure strapping me to this universe
No illusion this…your breath against my skin.


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