The Youth

Absolutely loved prompt no #9 at FPR. Frank Montesonti asked us to erase or choose words from a text and write a poem from those words.

The text I chose was Flowering Trees And Shrubs In India by D V Cowen. The following poem is composed entirely of words taken from the book.


The Youth

Growing into scimitars
of pendulous parents,
the youth are sacred to the moon.

Carrying fragments of floss somewhere in their eyes
Their bearing somewhat dirty-white
like a well-curb or a water-scoop
Their scent – astringent;
youth are flat brown seeds.

Preparing heads for a heavy crown,
they learn to blow away films of dust
left by history
Learn, that the colors of foliage range from anything
Between bronze-green, parrot-suede, grey-pistachio
to Ceylon-grey, Indian-Summer-yellow to whetted olive.

The youth are a galaxy of color keys
representing influence, moulding, nurturing
A convolvulus trumpeting opinions,
soon ripening into
nodding, verdant, lime green canopies
born from three-inch pods over gaunt, hard earth.

May they thrive
stay buttressed between the past and the future
Never turn brittle but tough as leather
A strong resin caulking their own boats
May they grow into sorrowless trees.


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