The Wonders Of Anonymity

Prompt #11 at Found Poetry Review given by Matt Trease, asked us to create a poem that was a reflection of our astrologist natal charts – right down to the degree of planets and the symbols therein. I found the prompt powerfully motivating. But then anything related to the occult and the extra sensory always resonates strongly with me!

Here’s my poem


The Wonders Of Anonymity

Going through this world
without the deep soul intact
is hell.

Things must be endured forever
in a barren world
and an outwardly determined existence.

Bearing great treasures
across the abyss
one must hang on just that long.

Working hard to find again what is lost
conspicuously missing,
something must be done to restore the pearl.

Seek and one shall find
Ache and one shall come to a restored wholeness
but not without the facing of the void.

Midstream, life is cauterizing, corrosive…
A single white swan swimming through gray mist
doing what is intended.

Multidimensional, vastly divergent realities
are lived simultaneously
still, one remains faithful to the cause.

The inner kingdom seeks to come out
in a subtle but mystic fervor
like a corrective to the shallow patterns of existence.

Blending in
becoming each world one has passed through
yet remaining incorrigibly other.

The wonders of anonymity!


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