I’d Rather Go Home

Yeeh gave us the prompt #13 in the FPR prompt series. She asked us to extract words from travel websites and construct a poem based on those words. After the rather grueling, mystifying and rather intricate prompts of the last few days, I found this prompt rather straightforward. 🙂


It’s a winter special loneliness
North South East West / One per adult/ per direction

The Ging Tea House waits for every one all year round
Says nothing when honeymooners arrive separately

Here, when rains batter glass windows like drumbeats
and clouds gather in old gray wisdom, tea tastes like wine

Amidst peace pagodas and winding monasteries, I urge you
to seek the moon – the wind cups it in its palms, holds it steady between the pines, all night

Remember how we visited a cardamom plantation once
to celebrate our love? I hear the yield doubled that year…

Love makes things grow – why doesn’t it make itself grow?
Like a fountain, recycling its own dead water, it beats its own chest

The agent said he’d send us to Un urbanized silver sands
Cocktails, umbrellas, turquoise waters and all

And I thought, I’d rather go home with you
A home that should be existing somewhere inside this house.



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