The Art Of Seduction

Prompt #12 by Robert Fitterman gave us a prompt which required us to write a poem based on the body language particularly from individuals who articulate how they feel. I watched a few videos on TED on the art of seduction and based my poem on that :


Seduction lays its hand
at the curve of my rose-scented waist.
Which faltering second in the earth’s orbit is it
that cups my racing heart
spilling its beats on your lips
which grassy vetiver field fills the bed
reaping harvests of precious ancient texts.
I exchange my fevered skin for yours
Eternities I exchange for seconds
when blood writes stories in my womb.
Banish the phases of the moon from this tide
This sea of ecstasy rises like a silken thread
to the waxing and waning of your fingers
your breaths, the colored beads of an abacus to the rhythm of time.



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