Luminous Sores

Prompt #18 given by Amaranth Borsuk gave us three exciting and amazing tools to play around with text and reinvent poetry. For now I’ve used only the Abra app but I fully intend to use the other two and write more poems with those. That said, im not sure if I’ve explored the Abra app adequately…but for starters , this is what I came up with.

We shed paper shredded scars against the weather
Against ice
To flaunt our delicate remains
To drape in crepe
A fetish lattice of sheer, sheathed sucked sin skin veins
A prick seam of open sores
Bloody rarities
A stripped self
Whipping off eggshell veils
Lisping a disjunct entity
Inward sprinkles of gooey extras
Priggish in a carnival world of lust
Pillage, spillage on earth’s plain pudge
Rainbowords d r i b b l e daintily from sky’s open snout
As crystal lips commence sweet talking.


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