Suffocating Ashes

Travis McDonald gave us prompt #20 and God, I’ve never worked so hard before to build a word bank. To describe the process briefly, we were asked to compile ten pages of text and then delete all words that appeared more than once. Then we had to use the remaining words to build our poem. Here’s what I’ve got to show for my labor! 🙂


A personal world full of freedom

and isolation to overcome the mental noise.

A medallion soap of clear-curtain light, a washcloth of betrayals

propped on the tub’s edge, leaving the bare branches of arms tingling

An inverse view of birds, like an x-Ray

so that every black line, every atom tells a story of suffocation

Silence a broken link of duration

addressing messages of shadows and suffering

And oppressors with changed masks

showing that there is no end to greed

These are the Sufi ashes of human shudders

disappearing into the waning blue of our souls.



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