Skeptic DNA


Prompt 27 by Greg Santos gave us a choice of four techniques to write our poem. The four prompts were:

Dialogue with Ghosts
Find an audio recording of a dead poet or musician. Play the recording. Start writing words that jump in your head, lines of your own. Write a 10-14 line poem using the words you jotted down, either in response to the original poem/song or a completely new piece.

Reverse Poem
Find a draft of a poem you’ve already written. Rewrite your new poem backwards, writing the last stanza first and so on. The new order might reveal something new and exciting.

Table of Contents Poem
Use the table of contents of any book to find each line for your found poem.

Online Erasure Poem
Go to Wave Books’ Erasures website to find online source texts, with excerpts ranging from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick to The Voyage Out by Virginia Wolf. The cool website lets you click on any word or punctuation mark to make it disappear. You can save, print, or email the newly sculpted text when you’re done.

I’ve chosen to use the reversal technique for now:
I’m having fun with silence
And with the chimerism in my soul
I know I can fold the paper of my body
if I try

The reader in my fingertips
tells me that I’ve turned gaunt with missing
emancipated with longing
and that the warmth under my skin is coming unstitched

The heart I saw in your eyes
The mouth I saw in your words
was the house of original sins
It knew the futility of endings.

I’m addicted to beginnings
It keeps me afloat
I am many individuals
I hope one will fit the moment

My DNA is a skeptic.




this is the original poem written three years ago:


My DNA is a skeptic
It gives me many individuals
Hoping one will fit the moment
Help me float
It keeps me addicted to beginnings
Knowing the futility of ends
It houses original sins
Draws my eyes to the lips in your words
To the heart in your eyes
It puts a reader in my fingertips
That tells me that the warmth stitched under your skin
Is gaunt with missing, emaciated with longing
Tells me that if I try, I can fold the papers of my body
Into an origami canoe, row over to faraway shores
Have fun with silence and the chimerism in my soul




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