Doing Venture

Prompt 25 by Nancy Chang Long went like this:-

Find a poem in its original language. You can use Google for this. For example, entering the phrase “poems in french” into Google brings up the two links below, each of which show poems in their original French. (One of them also shows poems in Vietnamese as well). However, both links also show a translation into English—don’t read the translations!
If this is your first homophonic interpretation, then a selecting a shorter poem is probably better.
Sound out the poem and “translate” it based on what you hear. A couple of methods you can use to sound out the poem are:
To sound out the poem aloud by yourself. This might be doable if the alphabet being used is something you can sort-of recognize.
And/or use Google Translate (https://translate.google.com/ ): Paste in a line or phrase or word of the poem in its original language. Select the language to be translated if Google doesn’t recognize it. Once the language has been detected, a little speaker icon should appear below the text you pasted in. Click the speaker icon and Google voice will read what you entered back to you.
Of course, your translation won’t be exact—getting words anywhere near the ballpark of what you think you hear is good.

I had a blast doing this homophonic poem ( Vietnamese to English ) and of course came up with utter nonsense. Sharing the fun that I had here and also posting the original poem:

Những Kẻ Xa Nhau
Đừng viết nữa! Em buồn, em muốn chết
Hè đẹp xinh, anh vắng, chỉ đêm đen
Vòng tay em quàng lại chằng tới anh,
Tay đấm ngực, như đấm mồ hoang lạnh
Đừng viết nữa!

Đừng viết nữa! Biết rằng cho đến chết
Ôi, hỡi Trời… hỡi anh biết, em yêu!
Dù vắng anh, em vẫn hiểu anh yêu
Như cảm thấy trời cao chưa vói tới
Đừng viết nữa!

Đừng viết nữa! Em sợ trong tiềm thức
Giọng nói quen anh vẫn gọi tên em
Suối nguồn kia đâu uống được hở anh!
Cho nét chữ thành dáng người sống động
Đừng viết nữa!

Đừng viết lời ngọt ngào không dám đọc
Như tiếng anh vương vãi khắp tim em
Lời anh như lửa bỏng, nụ cười êm
Chiếc hôn đó đốt hằn tim em cháy
Đừng viết nữa!

Traduit par Lý Lãng Nhân
Madison, AL, 2 juillet, 2007



Thank you now
Doing venture with rainbows
Made up the arc meridian
What they quite like to change and
Damn now your dam go home now
Doing venture

Doing venture beer drunk shouldn’t chat
Oh ho trio, can bet am you
You come they trio ciao true of toy
Doing venture

Doing venture am so strong them truck
Going no queen and can go ten them
So go care young duck go write song dong
Doing venture

Doing with alloy got Kong damn doc
New tang ah wrong why captain
Loy and new Lurabong new curio
Chic home dot hard time am check
Doing venture




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