Moving Bricks

Prompt #19 by Michael Leong asked us to fiddle around with existing texts in a manner that made them speak to us differently. He said that when we spoke  of “translation” we usually referred to the process of turning a text that was written in one language into another language. But if one thought about translation more broadly, one could imagine a diverse range of experimental processes that could spark new writing. All one needed was  to find a source text and invent a method of transforming, altering, or changing it. For my poem, I used two paras of text from Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale and came up with this:


Moving Bricks
A love so deep
so formidable
In every breath

It leaves the adversary
cradling something essential –
the intent ingrained in cosmic designs

Being here, doing what you need to do
in your filament of inner Light
the old mind fells great oak trees of time with a golden knife

This self mastery
included in the consummation of lifetimes
is destiny’s drama – the tireless pursuit of knowing perfection

Often overall quiet,
we are moving
all the bricks

Sliding simple and straight
in poignant and moving spirit
building a circle of neat houses

Mapping out a blueprint
designing a Great Escape
the route of which is Perfect

Integral things loved and accepted
a strange bargain;
knowing the inner sap of all the trees in the world.



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